Multi-Purpose Wooden Laptop Desk

 Multi-Purpose Wooden Laptop Desk(72 % OFF)

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OFIXO Multi-Purpose Laptop Desk is made of soft wood, which makes it easy to clean and durable. It is suitable for writing, computer, reading and other purposes. It can be used as a bedside table at home or office. The space saving design and the transportation handle make it very easy to move this product around and bring it along with us wherever we go!


The OFIXO Laptop Bed Tray is a foldable laptop desk that can be used anywhere, including your bed. It's perfect for watching movies, reading books, studying and playing games—all in bed. The OFIXO Laptop Bed Tray has a non-slip design so it won't move around when you're using it. It has a cup holder and a slot for your smartphone or tablet so you can work from home without having to get up from your bed.

 The foldable laptop desk is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and sturdy solid board and imported decorative upper. Our laptop desk is durable and scratch-resistant. Besides, it has well-coated metal legs and ergonomic round edges that maintain stability. The laptop bed stand is very light and easy to carry, allowing you to easily complete work on the bed, sofa or floor.


 The OFIXO laptop stand is the ideal desk for working, watching movies, reading books, studying, playing games, eating - all in bed. The folding laptop table fits almost all sizes of laptops, tablets and mobile phones. You can also place the laptop bed on the couch, floor, sofa and it is ideal for online school lessons and working from home from the comfort of your bed.


Scientific design and strong curved edges make this table very strong and durable.


The OFIXO table is equipped with a sturdy cup holder for the possibility of the cup tipping over to avoid spilling the bed or sofa. The long slot on the lap table serves as a holder for your smartphone, tablet and pen, making the desk useful for work and entertainment.


 Folding laptop table made of medium-density fiberglass (MDF) and solid solid board and imported decorative board. Our laptop desks are durable and scratch resistant. In addition, it has metal feet that close tightly and ergonomically rounded edges ensure stability. The laptop bed is very light and easy to carry, so you can easily do your work on the bed, sofa or floor.


 The folding laptop table does not need to be installed and can be used immediately when opened. The portable laptop table is very convenient, you can put it on the bed, sofa or on the floor when you go camping, you can also take it with you, and it can be used as a small picnic table.


It's stunning that something so attractive, practical, and simple in design can be a welcomed addition to any desk. It's not often that you find yourself wanting/needing something like this, but when you do it's really effective. I bought this for a sewing desk we use as an extra table in a small apartment. While we don't really need the laptop tray feature anymore, it was nice to have. The additional drawers housed some much needed things; ribbons, basic sewing tools and supplies, etc. For the price it is a great product and one I'd recommend to anyone or any student organization needing additional workspace.


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