Porcelain Spice Jar With Lids - Bamboo Cap &Ceramic Spoon

 Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids(57 % Off)

Porcelain Spice Jar With Lids

Do you love to cook and have everything organized perfectly? I have just what you need! This amazing Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids will enable you to have your favorite condiments at one place. It comes with a wooden tray as well as a ceramic serving spoon that can be used to sprinkle over the food. The design is made up of bamboo cap holder spot, ceramic serving spoon, wooden tray, kitchen and counter which makes it sure that it won't get misplaced easily in your kitchen drawer.


Porcelain Spice Jar With Lids

The Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids has a capacity of 200 Milliliters. The condiment jar is made of white porcelain material. It has a lid that seals tightly, preventing the spice from spilling. This ceramic condiment jar also comes with a lid that can be used separately from the container itself, allowing you to keep your spices in their original containers. The condiment jar measures 36 x 10 x 11 centimeters and weighs about 0.5 kg.


Porcelain Spice Jar With Lids

 This Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container with Lids is an ideal way for keeping Your favorite salt, sugar cubes, chili, dried herbs, stevia perfectly dry.

Exquisite Porcelain Condiment Jar

Each spice jar holds about 200 ML. Large capacity to keep enough on the countertop without taking up much space, without making a mess in your beloved kitchen!

Humanized Design

The ceramic sugar pots come with a removable bamboo lids and spoons to prevent from water and dust. Along with a great quality made a bamboo tray to organize your spice jars in place.

Multifunctional Spice Containers

The ceramic condiment jars with lids is suitable for storing a variety of condiments and spices. It's an ideal way for keeping Your favorite salt, sugar cubes, chili, dried herbs, stevia perfectly dry.

Sturdy & Durable

The Porcelain Spice Tank are made of 2300°F high temperature and made of high premium quality ceramics and bamboo, which is durable(Not use for Microwave Oven).

Porcelain Spice Jar With Lids

These porcelain condiment jar spice containers are perfect for storing your favorite spices and seasonings. The lids fit securely on the jars, so you can use them to store dried herbs and other ingredients. They're also dishwasher safe, which comes in handy when you're trying to keep your spice rack clean.

The ceramic spot is rubberized, so it won't scratch your porcelain condiment jars. This holder comes with a white tray and wooden lid, which allows the spice containers to travel safely from the kitchen to the dinner table without spilling. The wood tray can also be used to store spices or condiments if being used in the countertop. These make great gifts for housewarmings, weddings, or bridal showers as well.

 The innovative wooden tray at the bottom provides a great way to catch your excess spices rather than throwing them on the floor when you open it. Meanwhile, the set is built to last and environmentally friendly; an excellent way to help out with your green initiative! 


Overall, the pepplo porcelain condiment jar spice container with lids is not a bad product. Its subtle design and glossy finish adds a level of beauty to your kitchen. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for beautiful spice jars so that they can impress their guests to their fancy cooking skills!


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