Rubans Fashion Accessories

 Rubans Fashion Accessories(62 % Off)

Rubans Fashion Accessories

Rubans Fashion Accessories are an ideal way to add color and style to your wardrobe. Get inspired by these stylish accessories.

Rubans offers both ethnic and western jewelleries which are stylish, classy, trendy and have a classic touch to them. Their energetic and efficient teams go through a huge task of selecting from thousands upon thousands of accessories, from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangels, anklets, nose pins, hairbands, maangs tikkas and other accessories around the globe based on season, style and trend. They have a talented design team who churns out new designs every month, having several collections in a year to meet women’s needs.

They have an extensive collection of jewellery from across the globe, handpicked and quality tested.


Rubans Fashion Earrings

Earrings are a great fashion accessory because they add color and style to your outfit. They can be used to match outfits or stand alone. Earrings can be purchased in pairs or sets. Pairs consist of earrings that hang together and are worn together. Sets consist of earrings that are connected by a chain or cord. 
Earrings can be bought in silver, gold, bronze, copper, or pewter.

Silver is a precious metal that is used in jewelry and fashion accessories. It is often used to create decorative accents and embellishments. It is also used in medical devices, dental work, and electronics.

2. Gold

Gold is a yellow, soft, malleable, ductile element that occurs naturally in its pure form. It is one of the most popular metals in the world due to its beauty and rarity. It is also used extensively in industry and commerce.

Jhumkis are small earrings worn by Indian women. They are usually made from silver or gold and are studded with semi-precious stones.

4. Post

A post is a type of fastener that secures two objects together. A post is typically attached to something using a screw, rivet, pin, staple, or nail.

5. Dome

Domes are circular structures that cover an opening. Domes are commonly used in architecture, art, and design.

Oxidised Silver & Antique Gold-Toned Dome-Shaped Jhumkas

Jhumka is a traditional Indian head ornament worn by women during festivals and ceremonies. The jhumkha is made up of two parts - the base metal which is shaped into a dome shape and the closure which is attached to the back of the base metal. This multipack set includes three different types of closures - silver plated, oxidized and post and back. Each closure has been handcrafted using high quality materials and techniques.


Hope you like this rubans fashion accessories and looks elegant by wearing.


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